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Welcome to Nationwide Management Services, Inc. Our services are supported by a unique and proprietary fully-automated inspection system. Our system allows our agents to contact and complete your requests much faster and more effective than our competitors. We ensure you get the right service and provide you with access to comprehensive reports so that our relationship is 100% transparent. Our goal is to maximize every dollar you spend with us and to enhance the overall loss mitigation experience with you as well as your customer.

Recovery Lot Inspections

Recovery Lot Compliance Inspections Services


NMSI – Your industry leader For recovery lot compliance inspections

NMSI maintains all the necessary documentation and photographs through our fully automated program to make certain your vendors are in compliance with your specific requirements. Our site inspections provide an overview of the recovery agencies’ background, reputation and compliance. We provide access to our web based system so you can view any customer’s file at any time. As our client, you have access to our fully automated secure website 24/7 to quickly and easily confirm the status of any order in our system.


Our recovery lot compliance inspection check list:

  • Address
  • Front View
  • Right Side
  • Left Side
  • Signage
  • Street Sign

Overall facility showing:

  • Entrances and exits
  • Gates to secure areas
  • Condition of fence/enclosures (picture of fence tops if barbed/razor wire is installed)
  • Evidence of security equipment (i.e., cameras etc.)
  • Tow trucks
  • Location of keys to repossessed vehicles
  • Personal Property Storage from repossessed vehicles

Any area that is not secure:

  • Office
  • Computer work stations
  • Public area
  • Private area
  • Secure filing room, if exists
  • Computer server and secure room for server, if exists
  • Customers Personal Property
  • Photograph of area showing entrances/exits
  • Criminal Back Ground Checks /Credit Report submitted