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Welcome to Nationwide Management Services, Inc. Our services are supported by a unique and proprietary fully-automated inspection system. Our system allows our agents to contact and complete your requests much faster and more effective than our competitors. We ensure you get the right service and provide you with access to comprehensive reports so that our relationship is 100% transparent. Our goal is to maximize every dollar you spend with us and to enhance the overall loss mitigation experience with you as well as your customer.

Leased Equipment


NMSI’s rented gear reviews are the ideal apparatus to confirm that all things under the lease have been conveyed, match the physical resources depiction, are found/ put away at the concurred area and in the condition reported. These sorts of reviews can be finished before financing the lease or whenever that hazard levels warrant an on location assessment. Our reports can be redone to fit your needs; all reports accompany complimentary supporting photos. Should you have to know the state of a thing rapidly, a 24 hour surge administration is likewise accessible to meet your due date.


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  • Equipment Leased Items
  • Agricultural Equipment Leasing
  • Automotive Service Leasing
  • Computer Hardware & Software Leasing
  • Communication Equipment Leasing
  • Construction Grades, Loaders & Dozers Leasing
  • Energy Saving Equipment Leasing
  • Fire Trucks, Police Cars, Street Sweepers Leasing
  • Garbage Trucks Leasing
  • Police Car LightsFurniture & Fixture Leasing
  • Health & Fitness Equipment Leasing
  • Maintenance Equipment Leasing
  • Manufacturing & Plant Equipment Leasing
  • Medical Equipment Leasing
  • Refrigeration Equipment Leasing
  • Packaging Equipment Leasing
  • Printing Press/Copy Machine Leasing
  • Retail Gasoline Dispensing Equipment Leasing
  • Restaurant & Hospitality Equipment Leasing
  • Press printing – Offset machineSurveillance, Security & CCTV Leasing
  • Telephone System Leasing
  • Television, Movie & Sound Equipment Leasing
  • Vehicle (Both Commercial & Municipal) Leasing
  • Vending Equipment Leasing
  • Waste Compactor & Shredder Leasing
  • Electronic Health Record (EHR) Leasing