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Welcome to Nationwide Management Services, Inc. Our services are supported by a unique and proprietary fully-automated inspection system. Our system allows our agents to contact and complete your requests much faster and more effective than our competitors. We ensure you get the right service and provide you with access to comprehensive reports so that our relationship is 100% transparent. Our goal is to maximize every dollar you spend with us and to enhance the overall loss mitigation experience with you as well as your customer.

Insurance Inspections


Protection assessments are urgent in today’s quick paced business scene, particularly as the administrative environment turns out to be all the more requesting. Lien holders and insurance agencies alike should have the capacity to react rapidly to the requests of their clients and arrangement holders to keep up a positive business relationship. At the point when harms have been repaired, whether its for a home, car or other individual property, an exhaustive assessment of the finished repairs is fundamental to guarantee the lien holders hobbies are secured and the protection transporter is not being subjected to extortion, waste or substandard foreman hones. NMSI’s unprejudiced 3rd gathering review additionally gives extra consolation and significant serenity to your clients that they have gotten the administration they merit.


NMSI has an across the country group of qualified agents, ready to rapidly react to your organization’s examination prerequisites. With our adaptable customer information entryway, we have the adaptability to use your current review design or work together with you on an appropriately customized end client item to suit your needs.


Endless supply of your task, we will immediately contact your assigned gathering to set an arrangement to assess the repaired guarantee at a spot and time that meets your organization’s prerequisites and fits your client’s timetable. A definite report will be finished giving current condition, nature of workmanship and consumer loyalty level. Supporting photos of the repaired region (s) and security are given every report.