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Welcome to Nationwide Management Services, Inc. Our services are supported by a unique and proprietary fully-automated inspection system. Our system allows our agents to contact and complete your requests much faster and more effective than our competitors. We ensure you get the right service and provide you with access to comprehensive reports so that our relationship is 100% transparent. Our goal is to maximize every dollar you spend with us and to enhance the overall loss mitigation experience with you as well as your customer.

Secure Data and Disaster Recovery

Security Data Process


You can be assured that you and your clients sensitive data is secure 24/7, 365 days a year. Your data like social security numbers is managed in our secure database in the cloud behind firewalls and can’t be accessed without proper authentication and designated personnel.

Security Management

We provide security and compliance services designed to help protect your information and physical resources. We also have controls in place to manage the risk of interruptions that could impact service level commitments to our clients.

Security and compliance services

Our requirements that help us meet our specific needs, including PCI services, threat protection such as DDoS Mitigation Services, and vulnerability assessments, enable our clients to feel secure that NMSI can and will serve them well.

Disaster Recovery


Our Tier One client list requires NMSI to have a pre-defined business continuity/disaster recovery plan in place. our business continuity plan is designed to permit NMSI to resume operations as quickly as possible, given the scope and severity of the business disruption. Our business continuity plan addresses: data back -up and recovery, all mission critical systems, financial and operational assessments, alternative communications with customers, employees, and regulators, alternate physical location of employees, critical supplier, regulatory reporting, and ensuring our customer’s prompt access to their documents and reports if we are unable to continue our business.

Quality Assurance


Quality assurance concerning our secure data process gives our clients additional comfort on risk, systems and controls to our clients’ and business partners. Being SSAE 16 Compliant, affords us assurance on Internal Controls and meeting objectives in case of adverse situations. It allows NMSI to safeguard all funds and information, reduces risks by Risk Management by the Service Organization, and reduces our Service Organization’s audit and compliance costs, that can be in the form of volume order discounts to our clients.